Cable Locating

Tom Jones Electric offers complete utility locating services for the identification and marking of privately owned underground utilities. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we locate, map, and expose the exact location of underground utilities to establish safe digging areas.

We use the latest technology and equipment available to ensure the very best chances of an accurate reading. However, we must stress this point: our services are a very valuable tool to the contractor, excavator or homeowner, but not every cable or pipe can be detected.

Extreme caution must still be used when excavating! There are many other factors to be considered, such as: soil conditions, condition of pipe or cable (continuous, broken, badly corroded, or cut line). We are trained to use very sophisticated electronic equipment, and we have the ability to interpret the signals which this equipment emits. This is the key to an accurate location, which allows you to dig with confidence.

We work with you and for you! There are several different methods we use to locate utilities. The best way is to emit an electromagnetic signal from a pipe. This is done by attaching a transmitter to the pipe and following it with a receiver. If we can’t achieve a direct connection to the pipe, we can attach a clamp that encircles the pipe or a coil placed above the pipe.

This method works for metal conduits or cables that are welded, soldered or braided together. There are many pipes that are made from materials that cannot be detected with conventional methods, such as plastic, clay, concrete, and insulated cast iron. But we still have methods to locate these pipes, too! That’s where our experience and expertise is such a great asset to you.